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Ubuntu+LKB is a VirtualBox appliance with an Ubuntu Linux installation that includes the LKB grammar engineering toolkit. It's intended to make it possible for Linguistics students and researchers to run LKB when they do not have a full Linux installation available.

I am no longer building LiveCD images based on Knoppix; however, you can find the old ones in the old/ subdirectory.

These are rather large files; if your connection is slow or unreliable you may want to use a download manager.

NOTE: Internet Explorer renames .ova files to have a .tar extension. You will need to change the extension back before loading them into VirtualBox.

Version 17 and later are 64-bit and contain ACE, except for files with "m32" in the name, which are 32-bit.

For more details, please see the University of Washington Computational Linguistics wiki page for this project: